New Beginnings for People’s Village Residents Moving into Studios at Montero

COTS is proud to partner with Burbank Housing in the provision of supportive services at our newest project, Studios at Montero. From comprehensive case management to job assistance, healthcare navigation, and social events with peers—these residents will have access to necessary resources to help them navigate their exciting transition into permanent housing.

Studios at Montero, located in Petaluma, will house 60 individuals who have experienced chronic homelessness in our community. Each unit comes outfitted with a kitchenette, bathroom, and studio living space. All units are fully remodeled, with four ADA-accessible units available. Every unit will be furnished with basic household furnishings, and every resident will receive a “Welcome-Home” basket filled with household necessities like food, toiletries, and cleaning supplies.

Studios at Montero residents each have unique backgrounds, experiences, and skills. Onsite groups and recreational activities will allow residents to build a sense of community and belonging in their new homes—this type of peer connection helps ensure each resident successfully maintains permanent housing for many years to come.

Seven residents will be moving from the COTS People’s Village project into Studios at Montero, a true testament to the power of organizations like COTS in moving chronically homeless Sonoma County residents into permanent housing. All of these residents have experienced chronic homelessness in Sonoma County, and for many, Studios at Montero will be their first permanent home in more than ten years.

COTS staff have worked tirelessly for the last six months preparing future Studios at Montero residents for move-in day. The COTS team is beyond excited to welcome residents into their new homes, and we hope you will join us in congratulating each new resident!

If you are interested in donating to a COTS program, or donating items to fill a welcome-home basket, please visit or email Diana Morales at [email protected].

Thank you for your ongoing support of our critical programs.We hope to see you at a COTS event soon!

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Mission Moment: From Homelessness to Housed—COTS’ Integrity House Program Highlight

COTS Integrity Housing Care Manager Debbie Robbins

The COTS Integrity Housing program provides permanent housing options for individuals experiencing homelessness in Sonoma County. Residents receive case management services as well as other supportive services to ensure they remain safely and stably housed.

COTS is proud that over 95% of our Integrity House resident remain housed. This is a testament to the effectiveness of supportive services combined with permanent, affordable housing.

When Sheryl came to COTS, she was nervous about entering a new environment. “I was scared and angry,” she said. “I had never been homeless before and it was really hard to be around all these different people…”

Initially, Sheryl came to COTS through our Recuperative Care program. After receiving necessary healthcare, Sheryl transitioned to the Mary Isaak Center shelter. Sheryl understood the value of community and belonging and began to volunteer her time working in the COTS Kitchen serving her fellow COTS clients. Sheryl also began to attend COTS’ supportive groups including Qi Gong and Art Group as she focused on her own recovery and made strides toward her housing goals.

For several months, Sheryl worked alongside her COTS CareManager. She successfully increased and stabilized her income through Social Security and obtained a housing voucher through the Sonoma County Housing Authority. When Sheryl learned that COTS’ Integrity Housing program had a room for rent, she jumped on the opportunity to apply. By utilizing her voucher, Sheryl pays a small portion of her income as monthly rent, and now has a permanent place of her own.

According to Sheryl, “I feel very safe at COTS. I know that if something were to happen…that COTS would help me. I’m glad that I got into Integrity [Housing] because I’m not ready to cut the cord with COTS. I feel comfortable having my first place after homelessness being a COTS place.”

The entire COTS team would like to congratulate Sheryl on her successful transition into permanent housing. Here at COTS, we work tirelessly to provide wraparound services and innovative housing options for people experiencing homelessness. We will forever envision a community where everyone has a place to call home.

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Our Annual Report for FY 2021-22 is now available online. You can view it at or by clicking the link below.

COTS Annual Report 2021-22


Chris Cabral, CEO