1988 – 1990

COTS is founded

Amory Winter Shelter opens

Family Shelter opens on Petaluma Boulevard South

1993 – 1995

Children’s Haven opens

Shared Housing Program acquired from Innovative Housing

1998 – 2004

Armory shelter closes, moves to Petaluma Swim Center

Elwood Opportunity Center opens for daytime drop-in services

Rent Right program begins

The Family Connection merges with COTS

Petaluma Kitchen merges with COTS

Mary Isaak Center opens

2005 – 2008

First Integrity House opens 

ACES research incorporated into COTS programs

Sun Magazine Article brings national attention

Vida Nueva opens

2010 – 2012

Family Shelter closes

Veterans Permanent Housing program begins

2013 – 2016

Petaluma Kitchen moves from Payran Street to the Mary Isaak Center

Kids First Family Shelter opens