Do good, by doing well

Protect your rental property while providing housing to people in need. Master leasing your property to COTS not only benefits your community but provides you as a landlord, a number of unique benefits.

COTS has leases over a dozen residential homes in Sonoma County, many of which have been rented for more than a decade. We provide Case Management staff to ensure tenants have the support they need to be successful tenants, and we provide maintenance staff to address small issues as they arise. Both services are at no cost and no hassle to the landlord—COTS will only contact the landlord for maintenance support for larger mechanical issues.

Why Become a COTS Landlord?

  • Because you sign your lease with COTS, rent payments are guaranteed throughout the duration of the lease. Rents are paid on time, and we have established ourselves as a reliable, long-term tenant in our community.
  • In the event of an eviction, COTS notifies landlords, but generally do not require any additional support in any tenant eviction process.
  • COTS takes care of basic lawncare and is responsive should needs arise.
  • COTS provides quarterly inspections on all units.
  • COTS can contract with landlords to provide additional maintenance services, often at a lower cost to you.
  • As a partner to COTS, you would not only be supporting your community, you can take advantage of our no-cost maintenance assistance, and our reputation as a reliable, long-term tenant.
  • You have access to a COTS employee representative 24/7, 365 days per year.  We assure on-time rental payments from an established nonprofit right in your community.
  • Recognition in COTS publications and appreciation events.


“These homes are our assets,” COTS’ Landlord Claire Werner says. “I have to use them in a way that’s good for my family, but the beauty of these programs is I can make it good for another family, too.”

To learn more contact, Property Manager, Ian Andrew at [email protected] or 707.765.6530 ext 101