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Are you homeless or worried about becoming homeless?

To find emergency shelter, please call Coordinated Entry at 1-866-542-5480 or call 211. Learn more about Coordinated Entry by clicking here.

To access housing or services at COTS, please call us at 707-765-6530.

COTS' Housing Programs

Housing Solutions for a Range of Needs

COTS meets our clients where they’re at – and while one client might need help with moving expenses, another might need long-term supportive services. To meet a wide range of needs, COTS matches our clients with a wide range of services.

Mary Isaak Center Shelter

The Emergency Shelter at the Mary Isaak Center is an adults-only temporary shelter. Services are available onsite at the shelter to support you in finding affordable and safe housing in the community. The MIC Shelter is open 24-hours a day.

There is no requirement to test negative for drugs and alcohol prior to shelter entry, or to maintain sobriety to obtain services. It is expected that all people staying at the shelter work towards housing goals with the support of available staff.

Kids First Family Shelter (KFFS)

The Kids First Family Shelter was opened in 2014 and has 11 rooms, 35 beds for families with children. Services and case management are provided onsite. 

Read about one family’s experience at the Kids First Family Shelter here

Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH)

These programs house individuals and families who need a high level of support to remain housed.  Often these individuals are chronically homeless and have a documentable disability. Clients work with COTS Case Managers throughout the week to address their individual goals for long-term stability. COTS also provides these clients with access to a licensed MFT who provides one-on-one client counseling services. These invaluable services help clients maintain stable housing and deal with moderate mental health challenges. We have multiple PSH locations around Sonoma County, including 11 units at our Mary Isaak Center in Petaluma. COTS also offers a Permanent Supportive Housing option for families in Rohnert Park.

Integrity Housing

Integrity Houses are shared homes in Petaluma, Rohnert Park and Santa Rosa. COTS master leases (or owns) houses in the community and rents out the rooms to individuals and/or families experiencing homelessness. While this program does not subsidize rent, the cost of renting an individual room in an Integrity House is significantly less than renting a market-rate unit, thus is more affordable for our clients. Our Case Managers work with Integrity clients to create a budget plan that ensures that they are able to sustain their housing for the long term. At the same time, our on-staff Property Management Team conducts monthly site visits to our Integrity Houses and works with both clients and landlords to ensure a healthy working relationship for everyone.

To learn more about becoming a COTS Landlord, click here or contact our Housing Team at or 707-765-6530 x 110.

Rapid Re-Housing (RRH)

RRH assists individuals and families who are currently homeless to obtain permanent housing by providing short-term financial assistance (like a security deposit and a portion of rent for a few months). This program also offers Case Management support to help clients obtain housing and maintain it, even after they’ve exited the program. COTS does not own or manage the units that clients rent – but does enter into a contract with the landlord to provide a certain number of months of financial assistance. Financial assistance is determined case-by-case through Case Management and varies depending on specific client need.

Homeless and Searching for Housing? If you are interested in finding out about our Rapid Rehousing Program, please contact:

Taleah Ortiz 707.765.6530 x206 or

Carmen Razo-Clark 707.347.9424 or

To learn more about becoming a COTS Landlord, click here or contact our Housing Team at or 707-765-6530 x 110.

To access COTS Rapid Re-Housing services call us at 707-765-6530 or visit the Laure Reichek Housing Hub at 575 W. College Avenue in Santa Rosa, M-F, 9am-Noon.


COTS is currently developing a Diversion program designed to prevent homelessness by providing resources and assistance to individuals and families who are about to lose their homes.

To access housing or services at COTS, please call us at 707-765-6530.