Pictured: Century 21 Bundesen owner, Karl Bundesen, right, handing former COTS Development Director Sarah Quinto
the check for the proceeds from Century 21 Bundesen's 2018's 12 Nights of Dining fundraiser for COTS

“Contagious” is a risky word to throw around these days.

But we’re going for it.

Because “contagious” perfectly describes Karl Bundesen’s enthusiasm for COTS and for countless other good causes.

Karl’s the owner of Century 21 Bundesen, the large and venerable real estate firm on Petaluma Boulevard South. It was founded in 1963 by his Dad, Herb, who believed in giving back to the community where he’d grown up and where he’d prospered. That’s a family tradition Karl embraces.

Herb Bundesen once told the Argus-Courier that he gave back because Petaluma was “a common-sense community of warm and caring people. And it has a sense of history that many communities don’t.”

Karl echoes that logic and that kindness: “COTS is a Petaluma brainchild,” he says. “We’re a Petaluma company, too. We are both in the housing business. We at Bundesen work with the more fortunate, COTS works with the less fortunate.”

It’s a logical fit, he says: “We’re honored to support the great work of COTS.”

He and his team have been on our side for decades. And they’ve shared their enthusiasm with the community through events like their Oyster Barbecues that benefitted COTS, and, more recently, through their hugely successful Restaurant Raffles, which likewise benefitted COTS. This summer, we became proud homeowners, thanks to a generous gift from The Finley Foundation. Century 21 Bundesen waived all their fees and convinced a variety of inspectors to do the same. Six people now live in that home!

Not only have Karl and his team raised many thousands of dollars for COTS, they’ve brought countless people into our orbit in a myriad of ways. They bring guests to our events, collect coats and food, sign petitions and share our news. Most importantly, they assure people that they’ll love helping COTS.

And COTS is by no means the only cause that Karl, his staff and his agents support. COTS Board President and Century 21 Bundesen agent Bill Gabbert says that, together, the Bundesen team supports “almost every cause you can think of,” and that, usually, when an agent or staff member supports a cause, the business does, too.

You’ll see a lot of real estate trophies when you walk into Century 21 Bundesen’s offices. But you’ll also see a lot of thank you cards. Karl gives to the causes his parents loved: the Salvation Army, the Petaluma Museum and Hope Counseling. The office contributes to Rebuilding Together (another natural fit because it keeps people housed), the Polly Klaas Theater and the Miracle League of the North Bay. The office also contributes to the Petaluma Chapter of Realtors, which contributes to a myriad of local causes (including COTS).

Diane Olson from Hope Counseling says her organization is honored to be among the organizations Karl and his team support. “Karl is a wonderful example of a business partner who gives generously to support the less fortunate in Petaluma.”

“For Karl, it’s always about people,” Bill says. “He believes that if you take care of people everything else will work out just fine. He is loaded with integrity.”

Bill shares that when he shifted careers and became a real estate agent, he never considered working for anyone other than Karl. That’s high praise, indeed, Bill will tell you, when you consider that, “My kids grew up with him. And I know some of what they got up to back then.”

Judging by Century 21 Bundesen’s roster of heavyweights, Bill’s not the only one to feel happily home there.

We are grateful that Karl and his team devote so much of their talent and treasure to ensuring that our clients can feel happily at home.

Thank you, Century 21 Bundesen!

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