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COTS envisions a community where everyone has a place to call home. Our generous supporters, sponsors and donors are our partners in supporting the most vulnerable in our community. Together, we are working to transform the lives of those experiencing homelessness and our community 

We invite you to explore the diverse ways you can support COTS. 

Federal Tax ID: 68-0176855 2020 

Please contact our Director of Development at (707) 765-6530 x126 or [email protected]  with any additional questions about making a gift to COTS. Thank you so much for your support!

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“This is more than I could’ve ever asked for”


-A former People’s Village client after gaining housing and receiving a welcome home basket

Cash or Check

Gifts via cash or check are tax-deductible and provide COTS with funds immediately available for use. Please mail gifts to: 

PO Box 2744
Petaluma, CA 94953 

(Checks should be made payable to COTS) 

Giving online is easy and secure.  We accept donations online using any major credit card. 

Credit card donations can also be made by phone by contacting Erin Krueger, Director of Development, at (707) 765-6530 x126. 

Stocks and Securities

Gifts of appreciated securities and stocks allow the donor to receive a tax deduction for the stock’s current market value and avoid capital gains tax on the appreciation. 

For instructions on how your broker can transfer your stock to COTS, please click here.
Your broker will also need the RTC Delivery Instructions found here. 

Prior to transferring stock, stock is transferred, please notify our Director of Development at (707) 765-6530 x126 or [email protected] with the following: 

– Company Name
– Number of Shares
– CUSIP # and Ticker
– Donor’s Name

Monthly gifts go farther than a one-time donation and help COTS budget for the year ahead. But more than that, they represent a drive to be a part of the solution at a time when homelessness seems entrenched, and our world is in desperate need of change. COTS Monthly Giving Society brings together those who are most committed to being that change in our community. 

Join the COTS Monthly Giving Society today and ensure that COTS can sustain our work for the long term – helping those experiencing homelessness in our community to find shelter, services, and permanent housing. 

Join Here!

Making a gift in honor or memory of someone offers profound benefits, celebrating their life and values while supporting a meaningful cause. Whether commemorating a loved one’s legacy or recognizing someone’s achievements, these gifts provide comfort and connectionMaking that gift to COTS furthers our vision of creating a community where everyone has a place to call home

Make a Gift Today!

Community Partnerships

COTS has many opportunities for you or your community group to partner with COTS, including: 

Matching Gifts

Many companies will match or multiply their employees’ donations to COTS. Please contact your Human Resources Department or Community Relations Department to see if your company offers this benefit. 

Our mission changes lives. So will your bequest. Making COTS a part of your estate plan ensures that we will always be here to serve our neighbors in need. Learn more about leaving a legacy or bequest to COTS here. 

Donor Advised Funds

Donor-advised funds (DAFs) offer you a streamlined, flexible, and tax-efficient way to manage your charitable giving. By contributing to a DAF, you can receive an immediate tax deduction while retaining the ability to distribute funds to COTS over time.

Please contact your financial advisor about giving via DAF.

Donate Your Car

Buying a new car?  Getting rid of an old one?  We’ve teamed up with Donate For Charity so you can easily donate your vehicle.  They will arrange for your car to be picked up and handle all the issues associated with donating your car.  We certainly appreciate our donors considering this option to help support our cause. 

You can either click on the Vehicle Donation Form link, or call Donate For Charity directly at (866) 392-4483. 

Qualified Charitable Donations

A qualified charitable distribution (QCD) allows individuals who are 70½ years old or older to donate up to $100,000 total to one or more charities directly from a taxable IRA instead of taking their required minimum distributions. As a result, donors may avoid being pushed into higher income tax brackets and prevent phaseouts of other tax deductions, though there are some other limitations. 

Learn more at For more information about QCDs, talk to your financial planner. 

Learn more about hosting a fundraiser for COTS in honor of your birthday, anniversary, or “just because” here! 

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