June COTS’ Collective.

In early 2023, COTS embarked on a journey to obtain enough funding to complete a large capital expansion project on our main Mary Isaak Center campus in Petaluma, CA. On June 17, 2024, COTS officially began construction on our Recuperative Care capital project—expanding our ability to serve Recuperative Care clients by more than 300% annually.

COTS’ Recuperative Care offers services, meals, and a place to heal for individuals exiting the hospital who are experiencing homelessness. Receiving care in the COTS Recuperative Care program is 25x less expensive than spending a night in the hospital. Last month, we asked for your support to help COTS get this project across the finish line—our heartfelt thanks to our community for stepping up to support the completion of this project! This project will be complete by the end of October, providing a critical benefit to the Sonoma County community for decades to come.

Last month, COTS also increased our shelter capacity by ten beds, allowing us to reduce our waitlist times, and increase the availability of accessible bed space for individuals with disabling conditions. As the second largest shelter provider in Sonoma County, COTS takes seriously our commitment to ensuring equitable access to shelter and housing opportunities for those we serve. Thank you to the City of Petaluma for helping COTS fund these additional beds.

Looking forward, COTS is excited to enter a new fiscal year on July 1, 2024. We are thrilled with our progress in the last year and look forward to sharing more news with our supporters in the coming months.

To help us end this fiscal year stronger than ever, please consider donating to our mission by visiting cots.org/donate/.


Chris Cabral, CEO

Mission Moment.


Jane was a lively spirit on a path full of success until her world was turned upside down. Like so many others, the start of the COVID-19 Pandemic marked the start of a tumultuous next few years. Jane owned her own business that was established in Petaluma almost two decades ago. However, the pandemic brought a drastic decrease in clientele and, after sustaining an injury, she had to close her doors permanently.

As Jane approached her mid 70’s in age, she was without a sustainable income, as social security did not cover the cost of living. Luckily, Jane had savings she could tap into as she prepared herself for what was to come next.

After moving her belongings into storage and attempting to file paperwork on her own to secure affordable housing, Jane was becoming desperate for help. With no hope or help, she started to starve herself and her body weight fell to 75 pounds.

When her savings were depleted and she was unable to secure stable and affordable housing, she was forced out of her home and onto the streets of the Petaluma community she had long been an integral piece of.

With no other solutions, Jane called a local shelter, COTS. Soon after speaking to a “kind” individual on the phone about the waiting list for a bottom bunk placement in the shelter at the Mary Isaak Center, Jane saw a light at the end of the tunnel. Jane applied to stay at COTS and was placed in COTS’ People’s Village for 13 months until she was accepted into permanent and affordable housing.

She made beautiful cards for everyone who had helped her at COTS, and hand delivered them to their office spaces before her moving day.

At 82 years of age, Jane was as excited as a kid in a candy shop looking forward to her new place. Jane is also planning on finding a way to contribute back to other people in need.

I know where I’m going is a lovely place, and I feel honored to have been so fortunate as to get a residence like this.” 

– Jane

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