Thanks to your support, COTS provides life-changing services that keep our clients housed. Here are some of

their personal stories.

Geo’s Story

One of the things I value immensely with therapy is that I recognize a tendency in myself to beat myself up,

belittle myself and isolate myself. All the adjectives that describe self-sabotage. I judge myself harder than

the world does. Conversations with Karyn help bring it outside of me. I’m not the only person in the world

that this happens to, I’m sure

These conversations show me

1) that it’s not just me

2) that I am making progress

3) that I am dealing with old trauma

I need ongoing therapy to deal with all the traumas that will stay with me likely for life but with therapy I

can recognize triggers, symptomology and get help with not getting trapped in my dark and sticky gunk.

Sebastian’s Story

At 23 years of age, I have been homeless for the last 2 years.

Finally, I am housed thanks to COTS.

I have access to therapeutic resources which I would not have been able to do without COTS.

I have had therapists in my lifetime as I struggle with ongoing debilitating depression.

I am able to see Karyn weekly for the last couple of months.

It is really nice to have a therapist like Karyn who is casual but professional which makes me feel safe in

expressing difficult emotions.

Heather’s Story

Karyn is helping me understand me better and helping me be more aware of my surroundings, which I

have never done before. My brother Bobby has been telling me the same thing.

Karyn and the integrity housing program has helped me in my situation so much. I have been with COTS for

many years from my days at the Mary Issak center to the Integrity housing program.

I had access to Karyn’s good morning groups in house at the MIC to her women’s support group at the MIC

and now I have individual therapy with Karyn.

COTS has changed my life for the better. Thanks you so much!

Callie’s Story

Due to the nature of homelessness many people such as myself have limited support in the community.

It is very easy to become isolated and experience increased levels of depression.

Ongoing mental health services provide the support of having someone who reaches out. This means I am

not isolated, and a therapist can monitor the depths of my depression.

Without the support I have received from Karyn I would not be as healthy as I am now. As depression is an

ongoing illness, I think it can be managed but not cured.

The need to have helpful consultation is a necessity. Depression is unpredictable and circumstances

beyond a person’s control can trigger it to another level. This is where the support of a trained clinician has

kept me from going in to deeper waters and as my therapy has been ongoing for several years it continues

to give me hope of a less scary future.

Diana’s Story

Upon arriving at The Mary Isaak Center after experiencing life on the streets of Santa Rosa, I had no sense

of my place in this world. Not able to look at myself in a mirror, or in another person’s eyes, I was ashamed.

Part of my IAP-Individual Action Plan was to take part in group therapy, which I did, with Karin Duffy. I did

not trust the process or anyone in the group and participated only when called on.

Through self-examination I realized that the anger and fear inside of me, fight or flight, was not normal. I

signed up for individual therapy with Karin and was willing to be open and truthful with Karin as I was sick

of being in constant fight or flight mode.

With Karin, I was able to explore the childhood trauma I experienced at the hands of a teacher. Karin

guided me through the process, and I felt safe doing so.

8 years later, I have a wonderful support group to help keep me on track, Karin is still my therapist and

have been able to move past the traumas and focus on my family, my job at COTS and my future.

I am now a productive member of this community and I have a wonderful relationship with my family.