Having served as a firefighter, labored in construction, and worked health care, Christina had experienced many successes in life until she lost her way. After being afraid for her safety on the streets, Christina knew she needed to change her situation.  

Having heard about COTS, Christina decided to start there. She recalls being welcomed by Jesse, COTS Shelter Services Assistant, and the care managers. They helped her file intake forms, gave her a tour of the Mary Isaak Center, and provided her with necessities such as clean towels and sheets. 

Upon entering COTS, Christina was exhausted from living in fear. She spent her first days at COTS sleeping and smiling- grateful to have safety in the shelter.  

After regaining some of her energy, Christina wanted to stay busy doing something positive and beneficial for COTS. She brought her love of cooking to Chef Janin’s attention and began volunteering in the kitchen. Christina was proud to volunteer and even prepare food for special events.  

Aside from volunteering in the kitchen, Christina also joined a Recovery Group and began going on staff-led nature walks. At COTS, she found people who supported her. There were staff, clients, and volunteers who cared for her and became her friends. With unending care and support, Christina was able to come out of the darkness and into the light.  

With the help of her care managers, she relentlessly searched for housing. When housing options finally became available, her care managers helped her with paperwork and finalizing her move. Nearly two years ago, she was able to move into housing and joyfully remains there today.  


 “I had the privilege to be shown support, so I could grow and do better, because we can’t do it alone.  I’m so grateful for COTS . . .  they supported me.”