April COTS’ Collective.

COTS, like other service providers, understands that permanent supportive housing is a transformative approach to addressing homelessness—with fewer than 5% of individuals returning to homelessness after placement in permanent supportive housing.


Permanent supportive housing offers long-term supportive services alongside subsidized housing. Services include assistance navigating healthcare, benefits, employment, childcare, and transportation. In addition, supportive services often include behavioral health support, group social activities, and education opportunities to help tenants understand their duties and rights as a tenant, and to help individuals develop long-term household budgets.


In 2023, COTS completed a new 5-year strategic plan—a large part of that plan is to add new permanent supportive housing units in our community.


The Studios at Montero is a 60-unit project located in Petaluma, CA. This project, which opened in 2023, has successfully housed more than 60 formerly unsheltered individuals and families, and has created a sense of community among tenants.


In addition, COTS operates many smaller units scattered throughout Petaluma, Rohnert Park, and Santa Rosa. One of the key components of scattered site permanent supportive housing is its decentralized nature. Instead of congregating individuals in one single location, COTS works with landlords and property owners throughout the community to secure safe and affordable housing options. This approach helps formerly unsheltered individuals integrate into the fabric of our community and promotes social inclusion.


In 2024, COTS has successfully added 14 units of permanent supportive housing in Santa Rosa, CA, bringing the total number of COTS-supported units to more than 100. We look forward to continuing to grow this important program.


Permanent supportive housing options are a powerful tool in the fight against homelessness. One of the most effective approaches to ending homelessness, permanent supportive housing offers individuals and families a pathway to permanent stability, self-sufficiency, and hope. COTS is proud to make such a profound impact on those we serve, and the community at large through these innovative approaches to housing.


We thank each of you for supporting our critical work and invite you to participate as a volunteer or donor. To learn more, please visit www.cots.org.

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Chris Cabral, CEO

Mission Moment.


After living in Japan for 21 years as an English Instructor, former COTS client, Kevin, returned to the United States. Upon his return, Kevin’s depression consumed him, and he slowly lost everything.

When he was living under a bush, with nothing but the shirt on his back, Kevin decided the world would be a better place without him living in it. After making several unsuccessful attempts to end his life, Kevin decided to walk to a nearby bridge and make the final attempt at ending his life.  On a whim, Kevin decided to visit a shelter that he had been told about and happened to be along the way.


Kevin quickly moved into the Mary Isaak Center, and his life began to change. He remained at the Mary Isaak Center for six months until he moved into a COTS Integrity Housing property in Petaluma. Integrity Housing is one of COTS’ Community Housing Programs, where COTS master leases properties and subleases individual rooms to adults and families experiencing homelessness. During his time at Integrity Housing, Kevin took advantage of COTS’ services and visited a psychologist and got an emotional support animal letter. With this letter, Kevin gained his furry friend, Zoe.

Almost a year after getting Zoe and right around his 68th birthday, Kevin received a call that there was a permanent housing opportunity for him and Zoe in Santa Rosa. The two of them moved in earlier this year and are ecstatic for the future.

“But, I mean, the reality is, I’m alive today, thanks to COTS. I’m here having a happy life, looking at the cutest dog in the world, [and] loving my life because of COTS and because of the attention that I received from Debbie Robbins and the organization.”