A Year of Change: Reflecting on Our Impact in the Fight Against Homelessness.


Dear COTS Supporters,

We are approaching the end of a remarkable year, and we are filled with gratitude and a deep sense of accomplishment for all we have achieved. My first year here as CEO has been filled with incredible stories and organizational growth—I continue to be humbled by the shared commitment of our staff and community supporters.

As we enter this holiday season, we are reminded why this work is so important. Holidays are a time when people come together to celebrate joy, warmth, and connection. For those experiencing homelessness, this time of year can be especially challenging, underscoring the importance of ensuring that every individual, regardless of their circumstances, is treated with dignity and compassion.

Looking ahead to 2024, COTS remains steadfast in our commitment to ending homelessness. We have several clients planning to move into permanent housing in January, which would not be possible without your gifts.  Your continued support will be instrumental in expanding our reach, enhancing our programs, and driving even greater positive change in the lives of those we serve.

We express our deepest gratitude for your belief in our mission and your dedication to making a difference. COTS wishes you and your loved ones a safe and happy holiday season.


Until next time,


Chris Cabral, CEO

“I rejoice every time some of our clients get housed”

– Nichole, COTS Care Manager

“This shelter helped me. This shelter showed me how to live.”

– James, A former  COTS Client, now permanently housed

“This was a really hard time in our lives, and it helped us out immensely, I couldn’t honestly be more grateful.”

– Brandy, A former COTS Client, now permanently housed with her husband and little girl

Your support will ensure that those experiencing homelessness in our community will have access to shelter, nutritious meals, physical and mental healthcare, and more. To learn about how COTS impacts those in our community read our Care Manager Nichole’s story of how she went from living on the street to helping others in need.

Above: COTS Care Manager Nichole talks during the Fall 2023 Investor’s Update about her experiences as a COTS client and Care Manager.