Mission Moment: Kids First Family Shelter:

Providing a Safe Haven for Petaluma Children and Families.

Since 1988, COTS has served our community as one of the largest homelessness services providers in Sonoma County. Many people in Petaluma and the surrounding area know about the COTS Mary Isaak Center—our emergency shelter for unsheltered adults in Petaluma. Fewer people know about the COTS Kids First Family Shelter (KFFS.)

KFFS offers safe and supportive shelter space for families with minors living in Petaluma and the surrounding area. COTS can house up to seven families at KFFS at any given time. In addition to shelter, KFFS also provides supportive services for families including case management, assistance enrolling children into area schools, assistance with establishing a primary care provider and transportation to appointments, and assistance developing meaningful pathways to employment.

Over the last year, KFFS has continued its tireless pursuit of supporting unsheltered families and their children in Petaluma. Over the holidays, COTS provides numerous fun activities and gifts for children and their parents including Halloween costumes, cookie decorating, Christmas gifts, and a Thanksgiving meal.

Unfortunately, KFFS has a long waiting list of families who need our support. While COTS is in awe of the impact our community has on these families, our goal is to be able to support every family in need throughout Sonoma County.

Through the unwavering support and generous contributions of our donors, COTS is able to continue our tradition of serving families who need us most. We invite you to support this incredible program and thank you for your continuing support of our important work. We thank you for your dedication to our mission.


Chris Cabral, CEO

“That stepping stone that COTS gave us was really, really great, and everything is for the better for it. We finally got ourselves to a point where we can build from, so it’s just up from here. We’re just so appreciative of the opportunities COTS gave us.”

-Brandy, Luna’s mom and former client at Kids First Family Shelter