Holiday Kitchen Wishlist

Looking to bring some cheer for the holidays? Between now and Christmas, Mary’s Table is looking for the following items to help make this season bright for all COTS clients:

Halloween Cakes
Assorted Snacks Dyed Green, Oranges and Black
Chocolate Pudding
Tomb Stone Cookies
Gummy Worms
Aluminum Roasting Pans
Bags and Boxes of Stuffing
Chicken Stock
French Fried Onions
Brown Sugar
Jarred and Powdered Gravy
15-20 lb. Turkeys
Cranberries-Canned and Fresh
Canned Tomatoes
Canned Veggies
Refried Beans
Canned Beans
Maple/Pumpkin Spice Favored Pudding
Holiday Cookie Decorating Kits
Holiday Cookie Cutters
Colored Sprinkles and Sugar crystals

Please bring donations to the Mary Isaak Center at 900 Hopper St in Petaluma, behind the Goodwill. Or, bring them by the Shuckery at 100 Washington St in Petaluma and receive 10% off your meal!

If you have questions, please contact Diana Morales, Community Engagement Specialist, at 707.765.6530 x136 or Thank you for helping to spread joy for our families and residents!

Give Gifts Through Secret Santa

While we can’t open our holiday free store this year, COTS has teamed with CVNL’s Secret Santa Program to fulfill our client’s holiday wishes.

If you’d like to fulfill a wish, visit There you will see “Adopt a Heart” along the top menu; click on this to view all the wishlist items submitted to Secret Santa. Each heart has the recipient’s name, age, a short description of the recipient, and their two wishes. If you’d like to choose a COTS client specifically, our clients’ hearts have the words “Rebuilding his/her life” or “Rebuilding life with family” attached to them. Simply click on the heart and click “Fund this heart now” to donate only, or click “Print the heart and mail your gift certificate” and enter your email address to receive instructions on how to do so. If you choose to fund the heart online, you will be directed to a page where you can securely enter your payment information and then click “Donate.” A team of Santa’s Helpers will then use the funds you’ve donated to purchase gifts for the person whose heart you’ve selected, and ensure the recipient receives your gifts.

“This year needs are even greater due to COVID-19 and the recent fires,” said Buffy Welch, the Secret Santa Program Coordinator. “If we can get more people adopting hearts and letters this year, we will be able to create holiday miracles for those who are struggling.”

If you have any questions about the Secret Santa Program, please contact Diana Morales, Engagement Specialist, at (707) 765.6530 x136 or