2. Landlords step up!

Rents are high in Sonoma County and vacancies are low. It’s a great time to be a landlord, and a not-so-great time to be looking for a rental.

That’s why we celebrate the local landlords who rent to our clients.

In the last year, we’ve been able to house hundreds of people–children and adults–thanks to dozens of landlords who believe in our programs and our participants. Oftentimes, these landlords could charge a higher rent but they don’t.  There’s no tax write-off for charging less than the market will bear, but these landlords do it anyway.

Sandro Rossini rents us several units in Rohnert Park for our Permanent Supportive Housing program for people who are disabled and who have been homeless for a long time. He rents to us, he says, because there is a huge need for housing—a need he can help meet.  Also, COTS provides one solution to the problem that he believes in. “They are not wallowing around in theory,” Sandro says. “They are finding solutions and making them work.”

“I would recommend it,” Sandro says. “Go in with your eyes open because there are benefits and there are trade-offs. …The staff at COTS really wants to take care of tenants, make sure they’re stable. And that means they also want to hang on to the housing and keep the landlords happy. They’re responsive and good to do business with.”

Thank you, landlords! Every day you entrust us with your most valuable assets. We work hard to ensure that that trust is earned, but we recognize that you’re conducting business with your heart as well as your heads.