8. COTS helps people stay housed

“Find housing. Keep housing.”

That’s our motto, and that’s what we help people do. Because almost nothing is more disruptive to the life of a child or an adult than to lose a home.

Maybe you think of us primarily as a shelter. And we do provide emergency shelter to about 130 people.

But did you know that we provide the client-specific support necessary to keep to over 400 people in permanent housing? And we project that number will grow to over 500 in the next six months.

We tailor support to meet individual needs. One person might need intensive services and a permanently subsidized rent. Someone else might just need a few month’s rental assistance to become entirely self-sufficient.

A recent tally of our Rapid Re-Housing program stats showed that over 80 percent of our program participants did not access Sonoma County homeless services again.

Thank you for helping to provide the stability and opportunity that only permanent housing provides.