7. 30 years of community

“Thank you for being there,” someone wrote on a donation check this month.

May we turn that “thank you” right around?

Thank you, COTS community. As we close our 30th year, we thank you for being there.

When homelessness burgeoned across the state, our community took a stand against human suffering.  In 1988, grassroots volunteers galvanized huge swathes of people to cook, clean, shelter, encourage and mentor those who were enduring homelessness.

Congregants spread mats on church floors; business owners collected coins at their registers; scouts gathered blankets and diapers and clothes; service groups cooked meals; retired folks babysat so that parents could go to work.  There’s hardly a business, a congregation, a community group or a neighborhood block that hasn’t pitched in over the years.

You willed this place into being and have stayed committed to the cause, donating thousands upon thousands of dollars and volunteer hours year after year. In our three decades, we’ve sheltered and housed thousands of people. Together, we’ve created opportunities for people and made our community a better place for everyone.

You are the sustaining heroes who make our work possible. We hope we’ll end homelessness in this country long before another 30 years pass.  We know you’ll be with us on the journey however long it takes.

Thank you for being there.