Danielle and her two daughters moved into housing three years ago with help from COTS. Since our assistance ended, Danielle is doing great, winning recognition at her job with Petaluma Paratransit and helping her kids thrive.

“I feel very zen here. We have two bedrooms, one bathroom and a bird. For the kids
to have stability, that’s the most important thing.” She adds, “I’ve gone from everything I own fitting in a backpack and riding a bike that someone gave me to paying our rent, supporting my kids and handling a car loan. I have a savings account. My kids have savings accounts! It’s a struggle, but it feels good every month to be able to say, ‘I pay that cable bill, I bought that car!”

Danielle’s advice: “You’re going to doubt yourself. Keep trying anyway.”

Danielle spent over a decade homeless. For more about Danielle and her story, come to The COTS Hour on November 13 (cotshour.org).