“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.”

-Vincent Van Gogh

COTS in Rohnert Park

A partnership with City of Rohnert Park will allow us to rapidly re-house 53 individuals this year.

Respite Revamped

Opening in October, this 7-bed recovery and recuperation unit at the Mary Isaak Center will reduce lengthy hospital stays for patients who are homeless.


COTS Opens in Santa Rosa

Laure Reichek Housing Hub will assist 572 individuals impacted by the fires to find and keep housing.

Diversion Takes Burden Off of Shelter

COTS Diversion Specialist assists individuals who are homeless but do not need shelter services to resolve housing-related issues.


Chuck Fernandez begins his tenure on October 15. Chuck has been CEO of Catholic Charities of the East Bay in Oakland for four years, assuming that role after a 3-year stint as executive director of Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Santa Rosa. We are thrilled to have him join COTS.

We asked former shelter guests,
“What’s it like living in your new home?”

“I have the confidence to reach out and become a leader in my neighborhood.”

“The expiration date is removed, removing the stress of having to make life changes while at the same time figuring out where to go next. In a shelter, your kids’ friends have to drop them off a block or The sun came shining through.” two away so they won’t know they live in ‘that place.’ Having a home removes the shame and embarrassment.”

“All that hard work paid off. The sun came shining through.”